Good day to all around the globe:

I am reaching out to inform one and all that my company, Cantú Maritime Consulting, Inc. has partnered with Intertek Consulting & Training, USA to offer a wide variety of training courses for the offshore industry.

Well Control or Stability and Damage Control problems can cost a company time, money, its reputation and potentially put personnel in harm’s way. Intertek Consulting & Training, in partnership with Cantú Maritime Consulting, Inc., is now offering Introductory, Fundamental, and Supervisory Well Control courses as well as MODU Stability, OIM, BS, & BCO Licensing courses.

Our partnership offers mobile training, which means we bring our course(s) and certified instructor(s) to your company’s locations worldwide. Our classes are IADC, IWCF, NI and USCG approved, as applicable.

Our complete list of courses offered is listed below:

  • IWCF and IADC Well Control
  • IWCF Well Intervention
  • Marine Stability and OIM, BS, BCO Licensing
  • Stuck Pipe Prevention
  • Training to Reduce Unplanned Events (TRUE)
  • Drilling/Completing Well Optimization Process
  • Basic Drilling Overview
  • (Coming) IADC’s Rig Pass Course To Go® program
  • High Pressure/High Temperature
  • Rig Math
  • Global Harmonizing System
    • This GHS e-learning course enables your company to meet the requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Feel free to look at our websites to get to know a little bit more about us and what we offer.


Any questions or comments can be addressed to Cantú Maritime Consulting, Inc. at (+1-832-845-1836) or to Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Intertek Consulting & Training, USA at (+1-281-364-2855).

On behalf of myself and Intertek Training & Consulting, thank you for your time.


Jo Ann Cantú
Cantú Maritime Consulting, Inc.