This week I am teaching at Houston Exam-Prep Training Center – one of my all time favorite schools. The school is located at 8876 Gulf Freeway #120
Houston, TX 77017. (Toll free: 1-800-444-EXAM or local: 1-713-944-0966)

The main focus of the Houston Exam-Prep Training Center is to prep mariners to sit for their USCG exam. The examination levels we prep our students for range from OUPV to Masters Unlimited Tonnage, Oceans, including Apprentice Mate of Towing.

Mr. Don Green is a retired Coast Guard Commander and has been the Commander and Chief of this established school since its inception in 1985. He holds a license as Master 1600 Ton Oceans and Second Mate Unlimited. He’s an excellent man to work for and runs a tight ship!

Ms. Joyce Geraghty keeps the ship afloat. She’s been a part of the Houston Exam-Prep Training Center for over 17 years. She is known in the industry as being a USCG licensing expert. Miss Joyce is also well versed with the license application procedures, not only for the USCG, but for flags of convenience. So if you have any questions about your Liberian, Marshall Islands or other flag of convince license requirements, she’s the one to see!

Kenny Green and Raymond Rivera are two of the permanent instructors here. Raymond Rivera holds a license as Master 1600 Ton Oceans and Chief Mate Unlimited. Raymond’s been teaching here at Houston Marine Training since 2001. He’s an expert at Terrestrial Navigation, Celestial Navigation and Ship Stability. Kenny’s been a part of the teaching community since 1988. He’s the “go-to” guy for any chart plot questions you may have!

Felton Alexander and I are both relief instructors. Felton holds a license as Master 1600 Ton Oceans and a 3rd Mate Unlimited Near Coastal License. When Raymond’s not available, Felton and I step in to make sure young minds are continuing to be molded in the right direction. One of my favorite aspects of teaching here is seeing “the light bulb” go off in the students when they finally understand a calculation problem they have been struggling with.

If you are about to take a USCG exam, I highly recommend you enroll in a class. The USCG Regional Examination Center (REC) is located just upstairs in the same building. Houston License Prep Training Center works very closely with the REC in order to provide an excellent testing experience. You definitely have an upper hand by attending one of their license prep courses. Student enrollment is kept low intentionally in order to give the students plenty of one-to one time with the instructor.

Back in 1990 & 1995, I sat for my 3rd and 2nd mate’s license in the Houston REC and I would pass by the training center often. Little did I know one day I would be teaching here years later. It is an honor to be considered part of this training family. Houston License Prep Training Center has an excellent set up and if you are ever in the area, you should come by and say hello!

Jo Ann Cantú
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Be safe out there :)